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Boost your website traffic and generate high quality leads with PPC Ads

Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Increase your sales and attract more leads

Our team of experts in PPC Ads will build and manage your campaigns to get the best results and improve your conversion rate.

Google Search Ads

Search Ads allow you to deliver your message to an audience already looking for your products or services.

Display Ads

Recommend for brand awareness campaigns, they show on google display network.

Local Search Ads

These types of Ads are best for businesses with digital or physical products.

In-Stream Ads

Deliver a more engaging experience for your audience on platforms like Youtube.

Shopping Ads

These types of ads are best for businesses with digital or physical products.

Call-Only Ads

Call-Only ads run on mobile devices to promote phone calls and get leads.

ppc ads

How Our Services Work

Log Media Agency is a digital marketing agency that provides a variety of services to help business owners and entrepreneurs make an impact on their field. We bring solutions to businesses who want to stand out, increase sales and convert more leads to long term clients.

Initial Questionnaire

We assign a dedicated team to discuss your project requirements, answer any questions and set expectations. This is an important part where we will listen carefully to make sure we meet your needs. we will schedule follow up meetings and timelines. Every meeting is held via video conference. 

Build & Execute

Based on your initial requirements we then start working on your project. During this time, we start working on your project based on the timelines discussed previously. We make sure to keep you involved and updated in every step of the process.

Report or Deliver

After everything is approved, we make sure to keep reporting the results to you if its a monthly based service like Social Media Advertising, PPC Ads or SEO optimization. If it is Web Design, we will deliver a high quality and responsive website and our team will be available to you every time you need.

"Our team is ready to support your business with modern and efficient solutions"
Carl Rivera
Chief Operating Officer

General Questions

Whether you are starting a business or running one we’re here to help with full digital marketing and advertising services.

What is PPC Ads?

PPC (pay-per-click) is a model where advertisers pay based on the number of people who click on their Ad. In this process, the site’s visibility on search engines is improve, increase traffic to landing pages.

How does our PPC Ads service work?

Our PPC Ads service is developed through campaigns for products or services selected, according to your goals. 

We can run as many campaigns as you need. We consider each campaign as one service provided. 

What does PPC Ads involve?

Log Media Agency offer Search Engine Optimization monthly campaigns. Our service usually include:

  • Account audit
  • Strategy
  • Account setup
  • Keywords
  • Suggestions
  • Audience targeting
  • Campaign QA
  • Monthly management
  • Retargeting
  • Reports

Is PPC Ads a monthly service?

Yes. Our PPC Ads service is offered monthly

Of course, you can renewal the service as you need, depending on your business growth strategy. 

Are there any discounts for this service?

Yes. We can offer attractive discounts when you acquire our PPC Ads service for six months or annual periods. 

Why choose log Media Agency?

At Log Media Agency we provide expertise, knowledge, and the best practices to make your business operate easier, identify the challenges and offer personalized solutions based on your business.

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